Making XMLHttpRequest using form, a.k.a. cancel form submission

The trick is how to make an XMLHttpRequest call to a page (mostly a server-side script like PHP) instead of (without) letting the browser loading that page. You just need to cancel the form submission by appending “return false” at the end of the xmlhttprequest call.


<form action=””><input id=”btn” type=”button” name=”submit” value=”Search!” /></form>



function sub( f){

//do something first, like make validating the form and making an XMLHttpRequest, etc.,

//return false will cancel form submission
return false;


window.onload = function(){

var btnEl = document.getElementById(“btn”);

if (btnEl){

btnEl.onclick = function(){

//this.form refers to the button’s form value

//just in case you need to grab some “input” values directly from the form




Here is a good article talking about “From Tricks” back in 1997.


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