Pass parameters to movieclip subclasses

Being a motion graphic designer, I need flexibility in control of the movieclip classes. Subclasses of movieclips are often instantiated by coding using “attachMovie()”, thus makes it cumbersome to control and change the their positions.

One solution, if you want manipulate subclasses as visually as you can to movieclips, you can make them components and thus would be able to feed initializing parameters statically.
In a simple scenario, I just use place holder ghost movieclips solely for the purpose of positioning and then attach subclass dynamically. Like this:

var title = “2000”;
var bodyTxt = “To cancel a mask created with ActionScript, pass the value null to the setMask() method. The following code cancels the mask without affecting the mask layer in the timeline.”;
var expTxt_mc = _root.attachMovie(“expTxt_mc”, “expTxt_mc1”, this.getNextHighestDepth(), {
title: title,
bodyTxt: bodyTxt


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