setTimeout in Flash 8

to call a function just once

(FUNCTION scoped to an instance of a class) :

var john = new Person();
setTimeout(john.doThis, 3000, “marty”, “eat lunch”, “10 a.m.”);

(or use this inline style:

“this is a test”

it’s pretty much useless since I could not find a way to refer to the current object in the inline function.

(FUNCTION scoped in a movieclip):

setTimeout(sub_painting_nav_mc, “doIn”, INTIMEOUT);

to use setTimeout inside a class:



(C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\First Run\Classes on my computer)
and add two lines
intrinsic function clearTimeout(id:Number):Void;
intrinsic function setTimeout():Number;

before #endinitclip directive



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