javascript list object

I got two quick and dirty ways to build a list/array type of object in js:

1. javascript object literals

2. javascript array literals

In the first way, to build a javascript object literal: var listObj = new Object();

To extend the list, you don’t need to call any methods in javascript object, instead simply do: listObj[“id4″] = {name:”tsi chuan”, phone:”312-222-222″};

It’s not easy to figure out how many objects are within the current list.

In the second way,

var listArr = new Array();

listArr[0] = {name:”tsi chuan”, phone:”312-222-222″};

listArr[2] = {name:”tsi chuan NEW”, phone:”312-222-333″};
//listArr.length will be 3.
It’s easy to sort the array list by index number and to figure out how many objects are really inside the list, like so:

if(listArr[2][“name”]!=undefined){//the obj exists.}

Since we are not using any methods on the objects, there is no way to keep track of the length property of the array object once this approach is used.


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