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Preload bitmaps/embedded fonts in Flash 7

September 1, 2006

In Flash 8, bitmaps (png and jpg) can be exported for actionscript runtime manipulation with an identifier in the library.

In Flash 7 though, I didn’t have much luck trying to set linkages for movieclips that contain png/jpgs (they server as thumbnails as skin of some mc subclasses). They simply didn’t export, seemingly, because calling at sceding “attachmovie” doesn’t load anything.

The workaround for this, as I found out, was to use “runtime sharing” and load the runtime shared library at a certain point after the preloader in the “destination document”. I think the same approach would work for preloading fonts.


long/double slash hypen

September 1, 2006

alt-shift-hypen(-) will produce “—”.

flv needs to be uploaded as “binary”

September 1, 2006

Flash videos (*.flv) need to be ftp uploaded as “binary”. If uploaded as “ASCII”, the file still plays but shows mostly mosaic with randomly partial images in between.