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size matters!

October 19, 2006

optimization (including white spaces) of the “how to eat it” project:

before after
js: 16.32k 10.25k
css: 6.43k 3.97k
html: 3.46k 2.61k

total: 26.21k 16.83k

that’s 35.8% reduction in size and great improvement that be felt.


Flash OBJECT and EMBED tag attributes

October 8, 2006


Flash object anti scale

October 8, 2006

1. set ‘Stage.scale=”noScale”; Stage.align=”tl”‘;

2. set Flash ‘width=”100%”; height=”100%”‘ (instead of pixel) in Flash object/embed tag;

3. define onResize event handler for the Stage object.

loop through javascript array (Prototype snytax)

October 8, 2006

tabs.each(function(tab, index){

tab.content = tabContents[index];