mask/setMask() 101

1. setMask() will not affect the display of device fonts. They will be drawn regardless;

2. setMask() takes priority to timeline mask layers;

3. Movieclip nested inside a container mc can mask the container mc (which “includes” itself) by calling setMask() !

AS3 NOTE: setMask is deprecated in AS3 in favor of DisplayObject.mask property.

For a mask to be effective, it doesn’t need to be added to the display list. But you would _need_ to include it in “an active part of the display list” in the following cases:

  • To ensure that masking works when the Stage is scaled;
  • To be able to scale a mask object;
  • To be able to drag a mask Sprite object (by calling its startDrag() method)

A single mask object cannot be used to mask more than one calling display object. When the mask is assigned to a second display object, it is removed as the mask of the first object, and that object’s mask property becomes null.

A mask or maskee display object cannot take any mouse event, while its parent container object _can_. This means if both a mask object and its container are listening to a mouse click event, when you click on the maskee where there is no other content, the container handler will respond while the mask handler won’t.

this.stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
this.stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;
this.stage.showDefaultContextMenu = false;

var w:Number = 854;//stage.width;
var h:Number = 480;//stage.width;
var square:Shape = new Shape();, 1);, 0, w, h);;

this.mask = square;

var frame:Shape = new Shape();, 0x9E0000, 1);, 0);, 0, w-1, h-1);;

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One Response to “mask/setMask() 101”

  1. Simon Says:

    Hi could you give an example in regards to option 3. Using it in a custom class scenario i.e.

    this.my_mc = this.createEmptyMovieClip(“my_mc”, this.getNextHighestLevel());
    this.my_mc.img = this.my_mc.attachMovie(“my_img”, “img”, this.my_mc.getNextHighestLevel());
    this.my_mc.my_mask = this.my_mc.createEmptyMovieClip(“my_mask”, this.my_mc.getNextHighestLevel());


    Cos it ain’t working for me???

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