scale9Grid workaround for nested movieclip

using setInterval:

possible solutions using bitmapData class:

Final solutions/Flex 2 (presumably bitmapData solution):

time tested old goodies:
v2 UI component style  MC subclasses. The trick is to use boundingBox_mc to keep track of the desired dimension either set at runtime or compile time (Flash IDE) at the first frame it get instantiated, and then dynamically load(createChild()) and layout()/draw() all the other visual assets based on the preset layout algorithum accordingly. So it might take some energy just to get the layout right, considering the features such as alignment of a textfield to the bottom-right corner of the component. Using this approach, the MC that needs anti-distortion can be composed of 9-slice mcs, or maybe several slices bitmapData manipulated mcs.
This is the most time consuming while most generic solution. It’s worthwhile for building a site that implement this framework.


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