Grouping and nesting Fuses and triggering advance

Grouping, nesting and triggering advances all can be used to emulate overlapping layers in timeline tween.

Fuses can be blocked by using “simple generic Array square braces”(“[]”.) Grouped Fuses can be used to animate multiple objects simultaneously, or play all the animations at once.

import com.mosesSupposes.fuse.*;

var cir_mc:MovieClip;
var rec_mc:MovieClip;

var f:Fuse = new Fuse([{
x: 100,
y: 200,
duration: 1,
// trigger : .1,
x: 100,
y: 200,
duration: 1,
trigger : .1,
trigger: .1,
x: -10,
y: 200,
duration: 1,
x: -10,
y: 100,
duration: 1,

Note that in the grouped Fuse, both durations of the animations need to be set, otherwise the second one would be treated as “zero-second tween”.

“Trigger:Advances the sequence prior to action completion”

“You may include other Fuse instances within a Fuse.

var f1:Fuse = new Fuse(action1, action2, action3);
var f2:Fuse = new Fuse(action4, f1, action5);


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