multiline vs. wordWrap in as


In order to use html tags/features such as “<br/>”, “<p>”, “<img>” and “mouseWheelEnabled”, a textfield needs to be set as “html” and “multiline”.

If “multiline” property is not set (by default is null), even if the textfield has “wordWrap” with defined _width, the text won’t, e.g., flow around an embedded image or return to a newline at a <br> tag.


wordWrap will allow the text wrapped into the defined rectangular area (when calling createTextField(instanceName:String, depth:Number, x:Number, y:Number, width:Number, height:Number) )

at some point, i misteriously found (but havn’t proofed whether it’s a bug or something) that even if worWrap is set to “false”, setting multiline to “true” with “<br/>” tags inside text will wrap the text.

Here is the Adobe live documents about TextField (as 3).


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