Publishing files for local deployment in Flash 8

In order to deploy an swf file that is published to Flash 8 and is wrapped in an HTML file on a CD/DVD or thumbdrive, the following set-ups are required:

1.  “Local playback security” needs to be set to “Access Local files only” if the swf needs to load other local swf files. If set to “Access network only”, the swf will fail to load/access other local swf files. “Local files” means the files that reside in local FileSystem or in movable media that are accessable to the FileSystem. They are usually accessed via something like “file:///C:/folder/fileName.swf“, etc, or a relative path like “./folder/fileName.swf”. Network files are those that are accessed via an iNternet protocal such as “http://sub.domainname/fileName.swf“.

2.  If “getURL” is used to access files on the Internet or call pseudo JavaScript functions within Flash Player, “allowScriptAccess” needs to be set to “always”. Otherwise, both IE and Firefox will fail those getURL calls.  If not wrapped in HTML, request to access an HTML page via “getURL” will be successful, provided the file exits, but the browser window will be obscured by the projector or the swf file and will not get auto focus as if the call is made via a web browser.

The above statements are true when tested on FP 8 and FP 9.


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