TortoiseSVN (UI client) cheat sheet

  • Starting a new project
  1. Create a new repository at server side. E.g.,;
  2. At the client side set up an empty folder with all the necessary structures inside it. E.g., codesnippets/trunk. Right click the folder->TortoiseSVN->Import to get the empty folders up to the destination repository;
  3. Once the structure is ready at the repository, select the folder of contents you need to import to the repository and import the content to the destination repository;
  4. Now with the repository set up at the SVN server, we would need to keep a working copy at the client side to keep version control in synchronization. We do this by “checking out” from the repository. To do this, create a clean folder (or select a folder that has no previous SVN checkout history) and right click->SVN Checkout and specify as the URL of the repository. This downloads the contents inside the repository to the folder.
  • Sending Your Changes To The Repository
  1. Use TortoiseSVN → Update or TortoiseSVN → Check for Modifications to see if there are any conflicts first;
  2. If there are no conflicts and your working copy is up to date, select any file and/or folders you want to commit, then TortoiseSVN → Commit…;
  3. If you need to rename, delete or move a file, use the SVN dialog menu to make the changes as to keep SVN aware of them. (TortoiseSVN is capable of detecting drag-drop to the files within a working copy of a repository.) Then repeat step 1, 2 to commit your changes to the repository.
  • Updating Your Working Copy With Changes From Others/The Repository
  1. The process of getting changes from the server to your local copy is known as updating. To update, select the files and/or directories you want, right click and select TortoiseSVN → Update in the explorer context menu.

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