Mouse hitTest (collision test) in AS 2

As a spatially challenged person (easily lost in a street/inside an office building/mall, etc.), I am always confused by the maths that is required when converting a spatial point from one coordinate space into another (localToGlobal, globalTolocal, etc. in Flash).

But hitTest for mouse cursor (collision test to see if mouse cursor collide with movieclip/subclass instances) is much more straightforward;) You always test the mouse coordinates at the _root; this also holds true when you load the swf as an external file using MovieClip.loadMovie or MovieClipLoader.loadClip.

var bigMC:MovieClip;
var cir:MovieClip = bigMC.cir;
var rec:MovieClip = bigMC.rec;

var lsnr:Object = new Object();
lsnr.onMouseMove = function(evt:Object)
var tof:Boolean = cir.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true);

In actionScript 3, the cumbersome way of using onMouseMove is gone because of the added event types such as MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_OUT.


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