Class declarations and definitions

0. A declaration which reserves memory is more properly known as a definition in C++.

1. Class declarations is different than class definitions in C++.

2. Class declaration is what you do in a header file. The “class declaration block” consists of the keyword class, followed by the name of the object, a pair of braces, and a semi-colon. It basically declares class interface, with function prototypes and static constants.

3. Non constant static members (i.e., static class variables) need to be declared but not initialized, inside a class (header), like so:

static int totalStudents;

The member has to initialized outside the class (header) and inside a class instance definition (i.e., the source code file, *.cpp), like so:

int GradeBook::totalStudents = 10;

4. When you initializing a class instance whose constructor takes no parameters, you do it like this:

GradeBook gb;

as opposed to

GradeBook gb();

But if the constructor does take parameters, you do it like this:

GradeBook gb("C++ Programming");

// GradeBook2.h
class GradeBook
GradeBook(bool foo);
void countGrades();
void displayResults();
//const int TEST = 12; //wrong.
static int totalStudents; // non constant static member needs to be declared inside class here.
static const int TOTAL_STUDENTS_SCHOOL = 200; //constants has to be declared and initialized here inside class.s
//static const int TOTAL; // wrong. will compile but get runtime error whenever this member data is referred. "undefined reference to `GradeBook::TOTAL'"
int passedTotal;
int failedTotal;

// GradeBook2.cpp
#include "gradebook2.h"
#include <iostream>;
using namespace std;

int GradeBook::totalStudents = 10;
//int GradeBook::TOTAL = 300; //error: declaration of ‘const int GradeBook::TOTAL’ outside of class is not definition

GradeBook::GradeBook(bool foo)
cout<<“you said it’s “<<<“\n”;

cout<<“you did NOT say anything\n”;

cout<<“bye bye!\n”;

void GradeBook::countGrades()
cout<<“this is a gradebook! and we have a total of “<< TOTAL_STUDENTS_SCHOOL <<” students in school!\n”;
//cout<<“the total is “<< TOTAL <<” though!\n”;
//cout<<“Total students in the book are “<<<“/n”;//test

void GradeBook::displayResults()

// runner.cpp
#include "gradebook2.cpp"
#include <iostream>;
using namespace std;

int main()
//int GradeBook::totalStudents;//error: invalid use of qualified-name ‘GradeBook::totalStudents’
GradeBook gb(true);
GradeBook gb2;

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