Targetting Flash Player 10 on Flex development

Here: Targeting Flash Player 10 (UPDATED for FB 3.0.2)

One thing to remember is to “Do whatever you need to do in your OS to ensure SWF files are default opened by the new Flash Player 10 debug app”.

I didn’t realize that my system (Windows XP SP 3, with Flash CS3 and Flex Builder 3.0.1/2+sdk 3.2/4.0 installed) continued to associate FP 9 with .swf type even after I had had FP 10 installed (debug and non-debug); I was quite confused though whether it happened at the OS level (for all apps) or  only for Flex Builder. Anyhow during the compiling process, FB kept on complaining and all the complaints seemed to associate with the Player verison issue. Even confusingly the compiler or the runtime said it couldn’t write UIComponent.rotationX property, which seemed to signal that the SWF was running inside version 9, while a trace for “flash.system.Capabilities.version” did get “WIN 10,0,12,36”!

Long frustrations short, the following are a couple of ways I found worked for me:

1. Exploerer > “Tools” > “Folder Options” > “File Types” > Scroll down the “Registered File Types List” and choose “SWF Flash movie” > Choose “Advanced” button on the bottom > “Edit” > Substitute the path in the “Application used to perform action” to the path to FP10 in your system. This way FP10 shows up on top of FP9 in the “Recommended Programs” list!.

1. Uninstall/Reinstall Flash Player 10 that are downloaded from Adobe site. Restart.

2. (Bullet-proof) Add “-target-player=10.0.0” to the “Additional compiler arguments” before compiling.

FB stops hinting Flash Player 10 functions?

1. Make sure you are using playerglobal.swc from an SDK that targets FP10, which means SDK should be v3.0.1+(?) and it should reside in something like “frameworks/libs/player/10/playerglobal.swc”;

2. “Source attachement” option for the playerglobal.swc is “None” and the “Link type” should be “External”. Here.

Here are some links about code hinting in FB (SDK 3 vs. 4?) and the new Vector class (typed Array):

Kirupa forum: Using vectors (typed arrays) with Flex 3?

Mike Chambers: Using Vectors in ActionScript 3 and Flash Player 10


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