eclipse shortcut keys

Here and here.

ctrl + o -> show and jump to member (property/method) in current class

ctrl + space -> code hinting. Insert into the current position a member

ctrl + shift + o-> add missing import packages/classes into current class

Alt + LeftArrow/ RightArrow > Backward/Forward history

ctrl + L > go to line #

ctrl + M > Toggle between maximized/un-maximized mode of the current view

ctrl + F11 > Run the application

F11 > debug the application

Ctrl + Shift + F > Find text in files

Ctrl + Shift + T > Open a type (a class/interface)

Ctrl + Shift + R > Open a file (shortcut through Package Explorerer)

Ctrl + Shift + L > Show a list of shortcut keys

Ctrl + Shift + / > Add block comment (/**/)

Ctrl + Shift + \ > Remove block comment

Ctrl + Q > Go to the last caret location



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