force rebuild of flex projects

I am experiencing some bugs(?) in Flex Builder 3. The symptom is Flex launches the _existing_ application .swf in the “debug-bin” folder when I hit either “debug” or “run”  instead of compiling a new one even if I made changes in the source files. Same thing after the project is “Clean”. I am using TortoiseSVN to do the version control (not Subclipse since it’s not working a. under our office firewall; b. giving me “old client” errors when I updated my TortoiseSVN to 1.4 (now I am using TortoiseSVN 1.6.1).

So this might be an issue of TortoiseSVN, or Flex Builder alone; or maybe it’s because the Tortoise doesn’t get along well with Flex.

Anyhow, my current fix is to change the mxmlc setting for “HTML wrapper” to the new setting and then change it back before the new build. The setting is project> “Properties” > “Flex Compiler” > “HTML wrapper” > “Generate HTML wrapper file”.


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