Manually update T-Mobile G1 (Developers phone) to Android 1.5 (Cupcake)

1. Download (file size 36,614 kb).

2. Rename it to and copy to the root of your SD card.

3. Shut down G1.

4. Reboot G1 by holding down Power+Home buttons at the same time, which should bring up the bootloader.

5. Bring out the key board, first Alt+L to display log, then Alt+S to apply patch; this should apply the update.

6. Once done, G1 prompts you to reboot.

7. Per my personal experience, I got stuck on the Android logo (the 3D chrome logo), which froze at the animation loop. What I did was a) Took out the battery and reboot, which doesn’t seem to fix the problem; b) Reboot the second time by going to 3, 4 again. On the bootloader screen, Alt+W to wipe data and reset to factory default.

8. Power up G1 once done. That’s it.

At least it worked for me:)


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