Accessing UI views, properties and methods in main app in Flex

This applies to both AIR and Flex project, in Flex SDK 3.3:

// Application.application refers to the top level application.
// But be aware that it's typed to Object as opposed to Application.
// According to Flex team, it's for the purpose of fast compilation and
// being able to access properties/methods in the <Script> of their
// <Application> without having to cast it to their application's real type.
// So this means you can get:
// var stuff:SomeStuff = Application.application.getStuff();
// but you would have to access the real application each time by saying
// Application.application. Or you can do it this way:

var app:MySubclassedApplication = mx.core.Application.application as

// UI components with id names are automatically declared as public
var contactList: ContactList = app.contactList;

// as long as you've declared them as public in your <Script>.:)
var dou:Dug = app.dug;
var stuff:SomeStuff = app.getStuff();

Documentation. Note when you are using SWFLoader to load a module into the main application, you can reference your main application as parentApplication.


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