chrome.manifest cannot be encoded in UTF-8

I am following the awesome 2X45 minute video tutorial on the Firefox “helloworld” extension bootcamp (with copy-and-paste code).

The error console kept giving me the following warning:

“Warning: Ignoring unrecognized chrome manifest instruction.
Source file: file:///D:/Profiles/smallbug1960/Projects/hellowrold/chrome.manifest Line: 1”

(There was a couple of other messages/warnings/errors underneath this one which I failed to duplicate.)

I spent “significant amount of time”- a couple of hours, to be more precise – before finally figured it out. It turned out that I had the chrome.manifest encoded in UTF-8; once I turned it in ANSI, the errors/warnings went away and the long expected “Hello world!” button finally showed up under the status bar!

BTW, I am on Windows XP Professional/Firefox v3.5.5, if that matters.


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