Flash Builder not creating .html wrapper file

This morning Flash Builder 4 (SDK 4.1.0) kept saying “File not found: ….. *html”, which is the html wrapper for the app. Here is how I fixed it:

  1. Project properties->Flex Compiler->HTML wrapper->Uncheck “Generate HTML wrapper file”->OK;
  2. Build project;
  3. Check “Generate HTML wrapper file” in step #1->OK;
  4. Build project.

7 Responses to “Flash Builder not creating .html wrapper file”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Exactly what I needed. Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Dave Turner Says:

    Worked great.. thanks for that

  3. Yeray Says:

    and if that fails try manually deleting the ‘html-template’ folder, next time you build Flash Builder will error out saying it can’t find the folder but will recreate it if you right click on the error message

  4. Raff Says:

    Yeah i have the same problem but this doesn’t fix it. Really annoying bug.

    I’ve had to remove the html-template folder and the bin folder, delete the project and then reload it and build. Not good.

  5. MasterWill Says:

    Yes it is quite an annoying bug. Despite all the negative press, Adobe still refuses to add such features as a manual “Rebuild HTML Templates.”

  6. mahesh Says:

    It worked for me like this way…..i changed Project->properties->FlexCompilerchosed sdk flex-3 rather than flex4(my current version) then clean and build i got the html and .swf files after that i switched to SDK – Flex 4 and i ran my mxml file without any error .html file not found

  7. Tim Keating Says:

    Completely idiotic that this still happens in FB. But your workaround worked, so… thank you!

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