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Reference content from chrome in Mozilla Firefox

November 28, 2009

This is a snippet of text from Working with windows in chrome code:

In case of <browser type="content-primary" />, you can use the content shortcut property to access the Window object of the content document. You can use content.document in a browser.xul overlay to access the web page in the selected tab in a Firefox window. For example:

//alerts selected text in the main content
// alerts the title of the document displayed in the content-primary widget

There is no shortcut for accessing document in the sidebar. You need to use





like when Accessing content documents

Works in Firefox 3.5.5.


chrome.manifest cannot be encoded in UTF-8

November 27, 2009

I am following the awesome 2X45 minute video tutorial on the Firefox “helloworld” extension bootcamp (with copy-and-paste code).

The error console kept giving me the following warning:

“Warning: Ignoring unrecognized chrome manifest instruction.
Source file: file:///D:/Profiles/smallbug1960/Projects/hellowrold/chrome.manifest Line: 1”

(There was a couple of other messages/warnings/errors underneath this one which I failed to duplicate.)

I spent “significant amount of time”- a couple of hours, to be more precise – before finally figured it out. It turned out that I had the chrome.manifest encoded in UTF-8; once I turned it in ANSI, the errors/warnings went away and the long expected “Hello world!” button finally showed up under the status bar!

BTW, I am on Windows XP Professional/Firefox v3.5.5, if that matters.