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Basic git commands

April 17, 2010

>> download to local

git clone {git:/ /url.git}

>>syn with repository at server (like “update” at svn)

cd [to local working copy]

git fetch

>> configure proxy

git config --global http.proxy

SmartSVN vs. TortoiseSVN

May 9, 2009

I just installed SmartSVN (version 6) today and I am very happy with it so far. It was much easier than I thought when migrating from TortoisSVN. Currently I still have tortoise installed but I probably will ditch it in the future. (Sorry tortoise!) Here are some comparisons (opinions may be inaccurate since this is my first couple of hours of using SmartSVN):

The first three are “thumbs-ups” and the last three are “less satisfactory” (Some customers are never happy, even it’s FREE!):

  • Project manager is the central hub for managing projects. This makes it easy for you to access all your working copies in one place without hunting around/drilling down into your filesystem, if you have multiple working copies scattered around.
  • “Project->Create From Directory” allows you to register existing working copies on your filesystem with the SVN Project Manager. The cool thing is you can keep on this registration process until all your working copies end up into the Project Manager view.
  • With Project Manager, you can “group” your projects. Go to “Project->Project Manager->Create Group” to create a new entry for grouping your projects.
  • In the most current version (v6), You cannot drag/drop inside the project manager tree view to group/re-group/re-order the projects; instead you need to use the “Move Up/Down” buttons, located on the right side of the tree view, along with the “<placeholder>” (which appended to the end of each group, on the left part of the tree view) and “Sorted project area, …”(which serves as the entry point where you insert your project, also on the left part). It’s kinda old school (similar to the way you traverse a tree structure using cursor) but once you figure it out, it’s no big deal.
  • SmartSVN is integrated with the Shell/filesystem, meaning if you have a working copy in your hdd, SmartSVN provides right-click/context menu for you to access the commands the way you do on TortoiseSVN. But there is no icon overlays as TortoiseSVN(?).
  • I kinda miss the big tortoise spinning around thing, when you export something directly form your repository. but i think i can live without it;)